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When it comes to diversity, this country clearly knows what it’s doing. From mountains to lakes and mountain lakes, from rainforests to volcanoes and the savannah – Uganda hosts such a rich bouquet of landscapes and animals that even the most seasoned traveller will be amazed.

Not only the classic African wildlife like the Big Five, hyenas, hippos, zebras or the unique Ugandan kob pose for your pictures, but also more than 1,000 bird species of all kinds and colours. And if you love primates, Uganda clearly is your place to be: the diverse jungles are home to as many as 24 species of monkeys, from the nocturnal galagos to the beautifully colored blue monkeys and the breathtaking mountain gorillas.

No matter if you are an Africa lover, a hiking fan, a nature enthusiast, an adventurer or a wildlife passionista – Uganda is made for you. Feeling inspired? Feel free to contact our safari experts – they compile the ultimate safari for you.

What can I expect from an African safari in Uganda?

The experiences and safaris Uganda has in store for you are truly one-of-a-kind. While Murchison Falls National Park wows you with stunning waterfalls on the Nile River, the Mgahinga National Park hosts several volcanoes, also known as the famous Virunga Mountains. A true rainforest awaits you in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park is home not only to Rift Valley lakes, but also crater lakes.

Of course Uganda is also a great place to see the unique African wildlife in their natural habitat with some mainly gentle giants taking the spotlight: mountain gorillas and chimpanzees – and yes, you can see them roaming around their home in the Ugandan jungles.

Should you now wonder if we exaggerate a little, we get it. After all it does sound too good to be true. Best you’ll go and see for yourself trusting true experts for holidays and safaris in Uganda: us. These three reasons tell you why.

Why Africa Safari Trips?

1. Personal service and a fair price

Yes, a holiday in Uganda plus safari are an investment. That’s why we want to make sure that everything is exactly the way you want it to be. Lodge instead of a tent? No problem. A safari in a boat? Definitely! Gorilla and chimpanzee trekking? Just grabbing our hiking shoes. A little glitter on top? Only if it’s biodegredable, but sure, why not! Discover the various activities, national parks and lodges and let us know which make your heart skip a beat.

2. Unique accommodation during your Uganda Safari

During your safari, no matter if in a classic vehicle or a not-so-classic boat, you’ll see a lot. In order to relax, eat and think back to what you were able to experience that day, you should get the best possible accommodation – whatever that means to you. From luxury lodges to authentic tents, we have it all. See for yourself and pick your favourite!

3. Local Ugandan guides

By working with local organisations and guides we kill two birds with one stone (not literally, we would never!): first we support the locals and second we make sure that you get the best experience during your holiday and safari in Uganda. After all, no one can explain the culture, wildlife and landscape of Uganda better than… exactly, an Ugandan!

When is the best time to visit Uganda?

The good news first: you can visit Uganda anytime, even permits for gorilla trekking are available throughout the year – a highlight, many tourists have on their to-do-list. Now to the “bad” news: Uganda sees a lot of rain. Especially from March to May it can be tricky to travel since some lodges may close down and the roads can become muddy and hard to drive. From June to August and from December to February dry season takes over which makes these months also the ones with the easiest travel conditions – and perfect for gorilla trekking! And since almost all the other animals gather around rivers and waterholes, the dry season is perfect if you want to see as many furry friends as possible during your safari in Uganda.

The Beauty of Uganda

“For magnificence, for variety of form and colour, for the profusion of brilliant life – bird, insect, reptile, beast – for vast scale – Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa.” These are not our words, but Winston Churchill’s. However, we couldn’t have said it better. The beauty of Uganda lies in its variety: from rainforests to lakes, from mountains to the savannah – it’s hard to pick a winner, impossible even. And even if there might not be as many animals as in Kenya or in Tanzania, a safari in Uganda still knows how to enchant you for the rest of your life. After all, you cannot only see the Big Five here, but even the Big Seven: elephants, lions, rhino, leopard, buffalo plus mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. Best just see for yourself.


Facts about Uganda

  • Population: 48 million
  • Language: English (official), Luganda (most spoken traditional language)
  • Capital: Kampala
  • Currency: Ugandan Shilling
  • National Parks: 10

Why visit Uganda and what are the major attractions?

The country’s main highlight is without a doubt: gorilla trekking. Even though you can add a gorilla tour in Uganda to a safari in Kenya or Tanzania, it’s worth considering paying this unique country a proper visit. Queen Elizabeth National Park boasts a variety of highlights such as chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura Gorge, a boat trip on the Kazinga Channel and tree-climbing lions. Next to stunning wildlife, Murchison Falls National Park offers you boat trips along the Nile River to the Murchison Falls or to the delta. If you love birds, this should be on your itinerary since the prehistoric shoebill roams this area.

The remote Kidepo Valley National Park offers a true wilderness experience and is home to many species which you can’t find anywhere else in the country, such as the graceful cheetah. If you’re crazy about chimpanzees, head to Kibale National Park: not only can you experience the most reliable chimpanzee trekking in the country, thanks to a special habituation program you can even spend the entire day with our close relatives. And if you want to experience a unique Ugandan safari, just hop on board of a boat and discover lakes like the great Victoria Lake and all the beauty that surrounds it.


How safe is Uganda for tourists?

Today Uganda is a very safe destination, even though it used to receive bad press due to instability in the north. These problems are mostly in the past and tourists can now freely move around the whole country. This new level of security has opened up the north for tourism, in particular the beautiful Kidepo Valley National Park. Just as in any other  developing country, petty crime is still a concern in urban centres. Therefore simply take normal safety precautions and avoid travelling at night. In national parks there’s no need to worry either, since security police takes care of your safety.

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