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When to visit Kenya?

When is the best time to visit Kenya, you ask? Anytime!

One of the reasons Kenya is such a popular country for safari holidays, is the fact that the climate allows for great travels all year round. Sure, we have two wet and dry seasons here, as well as cooler and warmer periods. But in general, all seasons have their advantages.

Do you prefer to avoid busy days and keep your budget low? If so, the wet season is the best time to visit. You might encounter some showers, but also cooler weather, lots of green (everything bursts to life!) and definitely fewer travellers.

Do you want to maximise your chances of seeing big herds of wildlife? Then the dry season is ideal, with September and October as peak months. Animals gather around rivers and waterholes during dry seasons, which is why they are easier to spot. September and October are the months for the great migration in the Masai Mara National Reserve, which guarantees the sighting of thousands of animals.

Check the bullet points below to know which part of the year is the best time to visit Kenya, according to your preferences.

Countless wildebeest and zebras running through the Masai Mara

Dry season

The dry season runs from June to October and from December to March, the first one being a bit cooler than the second one. Advantages of travelling during the dry seasons are:

  • Wildlife gathers around rivers and waterholes (easier to spot)
  • Pleasant temperatures of 25-27°C (sunny and no rain)
  • September and October are great months to see the wildebeest migration and epic river crossings
  • There are fewer mosquitoes
  • The roads are better and game drives easier
  • Cool temperatures from evening to early morning
  • Clear blue skies

Wet season

Kenya has a short and long wet season. The short one is in November and the long one from April to May. These months usually have shorter and longer showers, but not every day and only rarely does it rain a full day. At times, roads might be less accessible. Advantages of travelling during the wet season are:

  • Colourful nature (flowers in bloom, forest and grass is green)
  • Bird watching at its best
  • The animals are in good condition
  • The chance to experience real tropical showers
  • Lower rates make it a cheaper safari
  • Fewer tourists and thus a more intimate safari experience

Lion lying in the green grass during wet season

Low, mid and high season in Kenya

Kenya has three different holiday seasons, with high, middle and low rates.

Low season

April and May. The long wet season is the least popular with travellers, but has the best rates.


1 November to 21 December and the month of March. These periods attract fewer visitors, which causes hotels to handle cheaper rates.

High season

June to October, December, January and February. These months are popular with tourists, which leads to hotels charging high rates. Around Christmas and New Year’s (22 December to 10 January) hotels might charge a peak rate.

Need more advice? Feel free to call our office and get helpful tips from our specialists. Whenever you choose to pay Kenya a visit, you’ll have the best time of your life!

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