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When is the best time to visit Uganda?

Many travellers ask us when is the best time to visit Uganda. The truth is: the best time is always! Thanks to its stable and constant temperatures, it’s possible to visit Uganda all year round. Nevertheless (of course there’s a nevertheless), some seasons are better for specific activities than others. So the best travel time really depends on what you want to do.

To help you decide, we have created a little overview for you. Find out more on the different touristic seasons, the weather and which time is perfect for your plans. No pressure, though, since a journey to Uganda is bound to be amazing – no matter when!

Touristic seasons in Uganda

Uganda has three different holiday seasons, mostly related to peak holiday seasons and rainy seasons.

High season

The high season in Uganda runs from July to September (summer holidays) and from December 20th to the end of January (Christmas holiday). As you might have guessed, during these months you have to pay more for your accommodation, activities etc.

Low season

The low season is related to the rainy season, since fewer people want to travel in the rain. Low season months are therefore March, April, May and November to December 19th. The upside: prices are lower and if you don’t mind a little rain, this could be your perfect travel time.


The mid-season are all months not mentioned above, basically the rest of the year.

Two rainy seasons, two dry seasons

The rainfall patterns in Uganda vary a lot since its climate is largely influenced by its topography: plateaus, mountains, lakes and rivers.

In general, most regions experience two rainy seasons: from March to the end of May and from September to December, with the heaviest rainfall usually happening in April and October.

The dry seasons run from June to August and then from December to February. However, as Uganda has a tropical climate, you might see some rain during the drier months. But to be honest: it’s quite refreshing and enjoyable! You see… there is no good answer to the question: ”what is the best time to visit Uganda”. It all depends on your preferences.

When to visit Uganda for…


In Uganda, you can see tons of wildlife all year round. During the dry seasons, however, the grass is short and dry, making it easier to spot animals flocking to lakes and rivers shores and waterholes to quench their thirst under the scorching sun. Another plus: the roads are dry and easier to access.

The rainy seasons present unique animal spotting opportunities as well. The parks enchant you with vibrant greenery and blooming flowers, providing a picturesque backdrop for observing many herbivores grazing peacefully (keep your camera close!). Furthermore, when the sun and rain meet, we all know what happens: rainbows appear, which add a magical touch to your safari adventure instantly.

Another highlight of the rainy season: it’s a birthing period for most animals. If you have a soft spot for adorable four-legged babies (who doesn’t?), this is undoubtedly a great time to explore Uganda’s wildlife. And should you love birds, you’ll be in paradise thanks to the many migratory birds flocking to and nesting in Uganda during these months.

Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking

If you want to lace up your hiking boots and visit the majestic mountain gorillas or the playful chimpanzees in their home, you best travel during one of the dry seasons. In these months, the forest trails are less slippery, and it’s easier to get to the animals. Bear in mind, though, that these activities are among the most popular ones in Uganda and that you need a permit for your hike. So if you want to put this on your to-do list, you’d better plan everything as early as possible.

Boat safaris and rafting

Boat safaris are a popular activity in Uganda and can generally be enjoyed throughout the year, for example on Lake Mburo. On the Nile River on the other hand, it might be a bit tricky to go on a boat safari since heavy rainfall can significantly raise water levels, complicating navigation. Moreover, you might spot less wildlife along the shores since water is much more easily accessible. The same goes for white water rafting or cruses on the Nile. So if you want to include these experiences in your Uganda itinerary, the dry seasons would be the ideal travel time for you.

Special events

Discovering Uganda doesn’t only focus on animal spotting and nature exploring. You can also immerse yourself in the vibrant local events, discovering the country’s traditions, cuisine, art and music. The big events take place in August and September – unfortunately the most expensive months since they are part of the high season.

  • Each September, the Bayimba International Festival of Music and Arts transforms the Uganda National Theatre in the heart of Kampala into a bustling hub of creativity. Over three days, this festival gives you a glimpse into not only Uganda’s but also East Africa’s dynamic music and art scene. Enjoy an eclectic mix of music, film, dance, theatre and visual arts.
  • In early August, the Festival on the Nile in Jinja celebrates the diverse cultures of the people who live along the river and throughout Uganda’s tribes for one week. This festival is an enriching experience featuring an array of music, dance, theatre, folklore, storytelling and food, alongside live performances and a vibrant street parade.
  • The Rolex Festival is celebrated every August in Kampala and honours Uganda’s beloved street food dish – the Rolex, a delicious combination of an omelette with vegetables wrapped in a chapati. The festival includes competitions to crown the best Rolex maker, culinary demonstrations and features live music and dancing, offering a taste of Uganda’s lively street food culture.
  • The Nyege Nyege Festival is relatively new, but already one of Africa’s largest music festivals, showcasing both traditional and contemporary African music across various genres. This festival is a vibrant celebration of African music, art, and culture, providing a splendid opportunity to experience new sounds, discover Ugandan dishes and enjoy drinks available at numerous food stalls. It happens every year between September and December – find the exact date here.


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