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Safari Kenya cost: not so bad after all!

It’s on the bucket list of many – going on safari in Kenya! Unfortunately, a safari has been known as an expensive trip and more of a thing to do when retired. But is that really so? What does a safari Kenya cost actually? And shouldn’t more people than just retirees be able to go […]

Gifts for locals? These are our tips!

Every now and then clients book a safari, and then indicate they would like to bring something for local people. They realise Kenyan people sometimes live under difficult circumstances and feel the urge to somehow help to alleviate their struggles. Their question then is – what to bring? First let us make clear that Kenyan […]

Getting your visa / eTA – dos and don’ts!

Once you have booked your safari in Kenya, you need to make sure you get into the country. For this, it’s no longer needed to apply for a visa, as since January 2024 Kenya has been officially visa-free. Instead, visitors need to apply for a so-called electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA). This is similar to applying […]

Kenya: Facts and Useful Tips

Kenya – the country of savannahs full of lions, zebras and giraffes and endless white beaches on the coast. It is also an uprising country where things are a bit different (adventure!) to what the average Western traveler is used to. On this page we give you some tips and stories that will help you […]