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About Africa Safari Trips

Karibu traveller !

Africa Safari Trips is a Kenya and Uganda based company with roots in The Netherlands. Together with its brother Tanzania Specialist (specialist in Tanzania safaris) we are one of the leading safari companies in East Africa. We pride ourselves to always go the extra mile in our Africa safari trips!

Africa is THE continent for game drives. These are surprisingly expensive and challenging to plan however. What you need is a holiday carefully planned by experts with the very best itinerary. Africa Safari Trips is 100% focused on Africa and provides the best experts, first hand information and a fair price.

Africa Safari Trips has its own office, safari vehicles and the best guides in Kenya and Uganda

Our sales consultants are in direct contact with our customers. They offer beautiful itineraries for a fair price and an even better service. For this reason Africa Safari Trips has been a well-known brand in Europe for many years. Most of our sales consultants live in Africa and frequently check the lodges and parks. They advise our customers based on their own experiences.

Africa Safari Trips works together with over one hundred hotels and lodges in Kenya. Our travel consultants stay in close contact with many of them. It’s their job to be aware of almost anything that happens in the parks and hotels and communicate any changes that occur.

Africa Safari Trips is an operator in Kenya and Uganda

Booking your game drives with a company firmly rooted in the country you visit, is safe and easy. Especially if that company also roots in the country or continent you are coming from…! No middle man to charge commission, no difficulties with languages and no cultural misunderstandings. This is what Africa Safari Trips offers.

Share your wishes directly with our travel consultants for a swift and knowledgeable answer. They always strive to make your safari itinerary exactly to your wishes, at a very fair price. Our priority is to make sure all our customers have a great experience during their Africa Safari Trip. Our office in Kenya, our Kenyan staff and our expert travel consultants allow us to do just that. 

Africa Safari Trips is fully accredited and bonded

When you book with us, you know you are looked after from beginning to end. To ensure this, Africa Safari Trips is fully accredited and bonded under SGR. We are on standby 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Your payment is secured by SGR. More information about our SGR certificate you find here.

Why choose Africa Safari Trips?

There are a few reasons to choose us for your Africa safari trip:

  1. We are based in Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda
    A big reason to choose Africa Safari Trips is that we are independent and based in Kenya. We have our office and team in Nairobi and arrange and oversee your holiday from A to Z. Moreover, the Kenyans in our team know their country and culture very well. As a result, our sellers always have first hand information.
  2. We offer private safaris
    We offer customised, private safaris. With us you explore Kenya according to your own wishes and at your own pace. A private guide and vehicle give you an enormous flexibility. You decide where to go, what time to leave and how long to stay. It’s all about you.
  3. We have world class safari guides
    Our guides are highly trained and experienced. We select our guides carefully. Only 10% of the candidates pass our selection procedures.
  4. Expert advice
    Our professional travel consultants are experts on Kenya safaris. This is why they can help you with anything from planning your trip to how to spend the last day of your journey. They offer advise on accommodations, the best places to visit, how to best plan game drives and anything else concerning your safari.
  5. Best value for money
    We offer high quality, private safari game drives at affordable prices.
  6. Safari vehicles
    Our 4×4 safari vehicles are comfortable and well maintained. Each car offers excellent viewing due to the extra large windows and pop-up roofs.
  7. No limit on driving distance
    Unlike most safari companies, we offer unlimited game drive mileage. That is why we can take you to the beautiful, remote places where no tour operator has gone before.

Get started

To get you started we created several itineraries for Kenyan safaris and Kenyan beach holidays. Get inspired! These itineraries allow you to plan your safari exactly the way you want it: add a different park and the price changes accordingly. This gives you a good insight in the costs of your desired safari or beach holiday.

We hope to welcome you to beautiful Africa soon, karibu sana!

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