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Responsible Travel

Travelling with Africa Safari Trips means responsible travel. By choosing Africa Safari Trips for your next Africa journey, you contribute to the social and economic development of the continent. We aim to impact the environment as little as possible, and to serve the community as much as possible. How do we do this?

Responsible travel starts with…

… well-treated local staff

Our staff is our most important capital. We select them carefully so we know they have the passion, knowledge, experience and social skills we require. Ninety percent of our staff is born and raised in Africa. Since we believe in fair treatment of our staff, we pay a salary above average. This is how we invest in sustainable relationships.

… eco-friendly activities

We see the environment as our most precious asset and try to minimise our impact. The African nature is incredibly beautiful, which is why we have to protect it. This is one of the reasons we encourage our guests to go on activities like hiking, biking and canoeing. These activities leave a relatively small footprint. And are healthy!

Five people cycle through a forest

… green and fair accommodation

We select safari accommodations that take care of the environment, local community and wildlife. For example: 75% of our accommodations use solar panels. We want to be as green as possible and part of the local community’s development.

… teaching students

Helping the next generation is another way we contribute to the social and economic development of African countries. Our internships offer students the opportunity to learn about the travel business and gain experience.

Travellife certificate for responsible travel

Currently we are working hard to meet all the 158 requirements for this international Sustainable Travel certification. This is an important goal to reach, as we want to be the best in responsible travel in Africa.

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