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Discover Kenya with friends

You travel the world with your friends, and Kenya is on your list? After reading this article with activity ideas, accommodation suggestions and not-to-be-missed highlights Kenya will be on top of your list – guaranteed!

We don’t exaggerate when we say: Kenya has it all! Hiking and climbing tours for the adventurous, a stunning flora and fauna for nature lovers and vibrant party scenes in the city and at the beach. So… without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty 😉


Thrilling activities in Kenya

Safari together

When in Kenya, you have to go on a safari. There’s no way around it! Get stunned by the Great Migration in the Masai Mara, explore the famous Amboseli National Park with the Big Five and its big herds of elephants or discover the hidden beauties of the two Tsavos – Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Park. If you don’t want to sit in a jeep for hours, you can also walk! A walking safari, for example in the Severin Safari Camp, will make your heart skip a beat, or two. For a few hours you dive into Kenya’s nature with a ranger and watch elephants picking fruit from the coconut trees – just a few metres in front of you! No matter which safari you go for, hold your camera close! You never know which wildlife beauties await you around the next corner.

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Hike together

Spend a few days hiking to the summit of Mount Kenya or simply a day discovering Mount Longonot. Close to the picturesque Lake Naivasha, this dormant volcano rises to the sky and wows you with breathtaking views over the Kenyan Rift Valley and the crater itself. And no worries: of course there are plenty of animals you’re going to meet like gazelles, giraffes, zebras and maybe even some buffalos.


Swim with whale wharks

There are not many places in the world where you can find whale sharks. Luckily, Diani Beach is one of them. So don’t miss out on this marine adventure and meet the (vegan!) giants of the sea up close. Between December and mid-March you can go deep – an experience, which will give you goosebumps forever!


Shimba Hills

Hop on a quad and dive into Shimba Hills National Reserve, one of the biggest coastal forests in East Africa. Pass by unique landscapes, take a shower under a waterfall (no soap!) and watch animals up close. If you’re lucky you can see elephant shrews, hyenas, buffalos, leopards, bushbucks, duikers, giraffes, genets, monkey, loads of colourful birds and even the wondrous sable antelopes!


Rock climbing in Hell’s Gate National Park

If you’re a climber, or always wanted to be, release your inner Alex Honnold in Hell’s Gate National Park. Beginners can try it out with a guide and rented equipment and experienced climbers can enjoy multi-pitch climbing on several walls. Our tip: keep your eyes open! Not just because you’re climbing gigantic rocks, but also because you might “climb into” baboons or klipspringers on your way up 😉


After so much adrenaline, it’s time to shift down a gear or two. These chill activities might be a bit calmer, but they’re just as unforgettable as the thrilling adventures.


Laid-back activities in Kenya

Visit local tribes

You probably know the Maasai, right? Of course you can visit the world-famous tribe during your friends’ trip to Kenya and catch a glimpse into their everyday life! However, there are many more traditional tribes and we can take you to them. No matter if Samburu, Umoja or Digo – learning more about this very different lifestyle is an enriching experience you’ll think about for a long time.


Swahili cooking class with painting

What’s better than trying local cuisines? Nothing! Well, maybe cooking it yourself. In a Swahili cooking class a local shares some of their best kept food secrets and shows you how to bring the taste of Kenya to your home. And if you want to get even more creative, join a painting class. The best activity for friends? It might just be 🙂


Bush breakfast and lunch

Food is life, which is why we have another experience for you lifting you up to culinary heaven! Grab your besties and enjoy a yummy breakfast or lunch in the bush. Sitting together in nature, eating local delicacies and listening to the birds’ songs, the lions’ roars and the elephants’ trumpets – this is how great memories are made!


Nai Nami City Tour

Surely you also want to discover the cities of Kenya with your friends, right? While Mombasa is the perfect mix of fascinating history, vibrant city life and traditional culture, Nairobi is the famous and infamous capital. Of course you can join a more standard city tour covering all the highlights. Our tip though: the Nai Nami City Tour. Former street kids are your guides and give you a very special glimpse into their city. They show you where they used to live as kids – places tourists usually don’t get to see. If you enjoy authentic stories from locals, this a must-do for you!


Snorkeling and of course… food

It’s the last time we talk about food, promise! But, this one is too good to be left out. On a traditional dhow (wooden Arabic sailboat) you sail across the Indian Ocean to the Kisite Marine Park where you can snorkel along colourful coral reefs. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see octopus, turtles, starfish, puffer fish and even dolphins. Afterwards you enjoy a yummy Swahili seafood lunch in a great atmosphere and with even greater company!


Where to stay? The hotspots.


Lamu is a small town on Lamu Island north of Mombasa and much less touristic than for example Diani Beach. Here you can dive deep into the country’s history with its Arab, Portuguese and Swahili influences. Wander along the deserted beaches or through the narrow streets, visit traditional markets or the ruined city of Takwa. In November the four-day Lamu Festival takes over the island with loads of streetfood, art and entertainment. The biggest highlight? The donkey race. The cozy and authentic Peponi Hotel is a great place to relax in between your activities. It incorporates the island’s motto perfectly: pole pole – slowly, slowly!


Diani Beach

Diani Beach lies south of Mombasa and is probably the most famous beach in Kenya. That’s no surprise: with endless activities, the blue Indian Ocean and the white sandy beach with palm trees it’s indeed a paradise. Choose from plenty of bars and restaurants – or you just go to all of them. Feel right at home at the cozy Flamboyant Bed & Breakfast directly at the Kenyan coast. This accommodation with colonial charm has a pool, a great beach and a lovely restaurant, all at a lower price compared to luxury resorts.



If you crave a cool party scene but want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Diani Beach, head over to a little place called Watamu. The paradise-like beach lies just next to a green mangrove forest. This means you can go snorkeling on one day and hiking the next, exploring some old ruins in the forest as well as getting close to forest elephants. In the evening simply enjoy some quality time with your friends in the countless restaurants and at beach parties. The best place to stay is Watamu Temple Point, a hotel with many bungalows surrounded by the forest. The highlight is its bar with nets above the ocean – perfect for some sundowners with your besties.


Chale Island

Let’s head to another paradise which is perfect for you, if you just want to relax: Chale Island! This private island is home to The Sands hotel, a luxurious accommodation leaving no wishes unfulfilled. From a wonderful swimming pool to great restaurants, from ocean view bandas to overwater suites – this hotel has it all. Relax at the private beach, discover the mangrove forest or underwater world and marvel at Green Turtles nesting at the beach and Colobus monkeys hopping from one tree to the next.


You want to grab your friends and hop on the next flight to Kenya now? Then send them this article in your WhatsApp group, pick your favourite places and activitites (hint: you don’t have to do everything together) and message us. We’ll create the perfect Kenya holiday for you and your friends so that you can soon be exploring, swimming, partying, relaxing, dancing and of course eating.