Nai Nami City Tour – Nairobi through the eyes of former streetkids

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Nai Nami City Tour – Nairobi through the eyes of former streetkids

Discover the vibrant city of Nairobi from a different and authentic perspective. During the Nai Nami City Tour former streetchildren show you what life in Nairobi can be like – not by passing the city’s most famous buildings, but by walking through downtown Nairobi. Listen to fascinating and sometimes shocking stories and see places tourists usually don’t get to see. Your guide’s energetic and positive attitude is contagious and guarantees you a day you won’t forget anytime soon.

Important details

  • 3 hours
  • 49 USD per person and 121 USD per vehicle – prices are subject to change

Additional information

Reviewed als HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended on TripAdvisor, the Nai Nami City Tours (Nai Nami meaning ‘Nairobi with me’) are not your regular city tours. Founded by former streetchilderen, it offers guests the unique opportunity to discover the life of Nairobi’s streetkids.

The tour ends with a delicious local lunch together with your guides. To ensure a good interaction with your guide, Nai Nami allows a maximum of only two guests per guide.

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