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Kenya’s climate

Due to its location close to the equator Kenya has a tropical climate with wet and dry seasons. The weather however differs from region to region. The coastal areas are hot and humid, while inland and higher up the temperatures tend to be more agreeable. Temperatures during the day vary between 22°C and 31°C, depending on the period and region. At night temperatures drop a little in coastal regions (to 18°C in cooler seasons) and a lot in some inland areas (up to 10°C in highlands).

Kenya’s wet and dry seasons

Kenya has wet and dry seasons, with the dry seasons being much longer than the wet seasons. Kenya’s climate knows two wet seasons: the long and the short one. There are also two dry seasons; a cooler and warmer one.

Kenya’s short wet season is in November, with usually only occasional showers. The long wet season is in April and May. These months usually have shorter and longer showers, but not every day and only rarely does it rain a full day. Nights are usually wetter than days.

The cooler dry season starts in June, stays cool until September and then starts to heat up again until end of October when the rainy season starts. The warmer one runs from December to March, with March heating up again for the rainy season.

Safari during the wet season

Did you know that National Geographic, Discovery and other TV companies choose the rainy season to shoot their wildlife documentaries?

During the wet season the national parks are in full bloom with lush and green forests and meadows, beautiful flowers, plenty of food for the animals and agreeable temperatures. And, as a benefit for travelers, this period is far less crowded and the costs of game drives and accommodations are lower.

The disadvantage is that some accommodations close and road conditions can be poor. Fortunately Kenya has more and more tarmac roads, which prevents the roads from becoming total mudpools. The national parks usually have dirt roads, but even during the rainy season they are accessible. All parks remain open during the wet season.


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