Diani beach vacation

Diani Beach south of Mombosa is an award-winning paradise! With palm trees on one side and the blue Indian Ocean on the other, this beach is an absolute must-see! No wonder, a lot of travellers combine a Diani Beach vacation with a safari on the mainland. If you ask us, it's the perfect combination. Plan your trip, activities, and accommodations with us, so that FOMO doesn’t stand a chance.

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Diani Beach – South of Mombasa

Many times, Diani Beach has won an award for the best beach destination in Africa. Even though this fact alone might already convince you to spend your next vacation in Diani Beach, we want to tell you more about this paradise on earth. And just between the two of us: it’s really too good to be missed.

Kenya’s coastline is 536 kilometres long and despite Diani Beach making up for “just” 15 kilometres, it’s the place-to-be for many travellers. A short glimpse on the pics below might tell you why: the crystal-clear turquoise Indian Ocean, white sandy beaches and postcard-worthy palm trees. That speaks for itself, right?

But it’s also the countless experiences which attract thousands of beach lovers every year – from cultural encounters, to nature explorations and, of course, fun activities in, on and around the water.

Just as diverse as the excursions are the accommodations you can stay in Diani Beach. While some are cosy, small, and authentic, others are lavish, elegant and have everything you could ever dream of.

And now, keep on scrolling to find out why should visit Diani Beach during your Kenya holiday. You won’t be disappointed – pinkie promise!

Diani Beach Kenya

Made for honeymooners

As one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Diani Beach is perfect for your first holiday as Mr. and Mrs. Imagine yourself on two sunbeds in the white sand with a cocktail in your hand. Or strolling along the sheer endless beach hand in hand with the waves touching your feet. Or sailing towards the sunset with a bottle of bubbly. Could it be more romantic? Doubtful.

After a day, the best romcom writers couldn’t make up, you can relax in cosy and authentic Kenyan lodges. Enjoy thoughtfully decorated rooms, an exquisite cuisine and a luxurious spa. Two lodges, which have all of this (and more) are the Neptune Village and the Neptune Palm Beach.

And if you want to spice things up, spend your days with fun Diani Beach activities or make your way to Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks for an unforgettable safari. Here, you can see even more of Kenya and even meet the (in)famous Big Five.

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Exursions in and around Diani Beach

Diani Beach is famous for its white, palm-fringed beaches and colourful coral reefs. Next to fun activities on, at and under water, you can also explore what the region around Diani Beach has to offer. Let’s have a look, shall we?

  • Sandbank
    Hop on a SUP, in a canoe or a traditional wooden sailboat called ngalawa and enjoy the smooth ride over the Indian Ocean to a tiny piece of paradise.
  • Visit the Digo
    Catch a glimpse into the everyday life of this ancient tribe, visit a local market and treat your taste buds to Kenyan dishes.
  • Deap Sea Fishing
    Grab a fishing a rod and try your luck 😉
  • Kisite Marine Park
    No matter if with swim goggles, fins, and a snorkel or the whole diving shebang: go deep and make new fish friends discovering colourful corals.
  • Kaya Kinondo Forest
    Hug 600-year-old and gigantic trees in this forest sacred to the Digo and learn more about medicinal plants by your guides.
  • Play golf
    This course is a little different, though, since animals like monkeys and birds observe your every swing – ideal for sports and nature lovers.
  • Meet the biggest fish
    From mid-January to mid-March, you can get close to the gentle giants of the see: the vegan whale sharks.
  • Safari and waterfalls
    Marvel at the flora and fauna of Shimba Hills and take a cool(ing) shower under the Sheldrick Falls.
  • Mombasa
    Take a break from your beach vacation in Kenya and head off to the country’s second-biggest city to learn more about its rich history and culture.
  • Ride on a camel
    Stroll along Diani Beach on a very special and chill friend.

You crave more info after this foretaste? On our Diani Beach activity page you’ll find them.


Best time to visit Diani Beach

Let’s kick this off with great news: Diani Beach has a warm, tropical climate all the year around.

The best periods to explore this Kenyan gem, however, is from December to March (between 30 °C and 33 °C) and from June to September (around 29 °C). The weather during these months is perfect and that’s also when you can do countless activities, since there’s only little rainfall, but loads of sunshine.

From April to May (29 °C to 31 °C) it’s wet and humid, and from October to November (30 °C to 31 °C) it’s also humid.

The Indian Ocean is ready to swim in all your round, with water temperatures ranging between 26° C and 29 °C. The most beautiful bathtub in the world? Yes, it might just be!

Where to stay in Diani Beach

From cosy bed & breakfasts to small but exclusive lodges up to lavish and extravagant beach resorts: you can find all kinds of accommodations for your Diani Beach vacation, perfectly matching your wishes and budget. No matter which one you want to go for, in a typical Kenyan manner you’ll be welcomed with warm hospitality. We won’t list all the accommodations now (you can find them here). However, to give you an idea of their diversity, we’ve picked three lodges which couldn’t be any more different.

Flamboyant Bed and Breakfast

Even though the name sounds extremely fancy, Flamboyant Bed and Breakfast is a lovely little lodge with colonial charm. It’s wonderfully homely, and perfect for everyone who prefers comfort, family fun, and relaxation. Also, having booked “only” breakfast, you get the chance to discover the countless culinary treats Diani Beach has in store for you.

Swahili Beach Resort

The Swahili Beach Resort in Diani Beach is so much more than just a lodge – it’s an experience. Architecture à la Arabic, several cascading swimming pools, restaurants, bars and a beautiful spa will make you feel like in Arabian Nights (no need for a magic lamp and its genie).

Elewana Afrochic

Diani Beach’s Elewana AfroChic is a small, but luxurious boutique hotel boasting individual service and a very special vibe. It has only ten rooms, an almost deserted beach in front of it and is the perfect paradisaic oasis among the bigger lodges of Diani Beach.

elewana afrochic

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