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Why Chapka Insurance Is Your Safari Sidekick!

Your African safari adventure is booked. Congratulations! We are so excited for you 😊 Are you counting the days? Before you pack your bags and dust off your safari hat, there’s one essential item you can’t forget—travel insurance. And not just any travel insurance, but Chapka Travel Insurance, your ultimate safari sidekick!

Picture this: You’re cruising through the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. You look to the left and you see the sun setting over the savannah. What a feeling! Is this a Fata Morgana 😉 or do you see a herd of elephants in the distance? Of course, there is a herd of elephants! Lots of calves hiding behind their mothers while their female leader leads the way. They are on the way to the waterhole not far from here. Let’s get closer!

Your heart races with excitement as you reach for your camera to capture the moment. But wait!

What if something unexpected happens? That’s where Chapka Travel Insurance comes in.


With Chapka, you’re not just covered; you’re fully protected from the moment you book your trip and get their insurance certificate until the very last sunset of your adventure. Until you are safely back at home actually!

Elephants Kenya

Say goodbye to worries about medical expenses, lost luggage, or unexpected cancellations. We don’t need to sugarcoat is, anything can happen on safari and while traveling in Africa. Unleash your wild side, Chapka has you covered!

But what sets Chapka apart from the herd? It’s their tailored packages and round-the-clock support before, while, and after your trip. Whether you’re traveling solo, with your family, or in a group (even +10 people), Chapka tailors their coverage to your unique needs. Chapka has your back, so you can focus on what really matters—soaking in every moment of your safari experience.

Plus, their 24/7 medical teleconsultation means help is just a phone call away, no matter where you are in the wild.

So, why wait? Take the plunge, unleash your wild side, and let Chapka Travel Insurance be your safari sidekick.

With Chapka and Africa Safari Trips by your side, your African adventure is bound to be an unforgettable journey of a lifetime!

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