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Discover the enchanting city of Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and be captivated by its many attractions that promise to inspire and uplift your spirit. A must-visit is the Kasubi Tombs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and burial place of Buganda kings – an important cultural landmark.



The city is alive with a pulsating nightlife, offering a plethora of bars, clubs, and entertainment venues that are perfect for music and dance enthusiasts. At Ndere Cultural Centre, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of Ugandan and African cultures through the power of music, dance, and art.


Discover the vibrant markets of Kampala, where traditional Ugandan crafts and artwork come to life. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and explore the unique offerings of Owino Market and the Craft Market, located within the National Theatre.


Even though Kampala is a city, it’s got some sweet green spaces, parks, and gardens where you can chill out and enjoy nature. One of the most incredible spots is the Uganda National Botanical Gardens. It’s definitely worth checking out if you need some peace and quiet in the middle of the hustle and bustle.

What to do in and around Kampala

  • The Kasubi Tombs
  • Flea & street markets (Owino, Nakasero market, Bagala Craft,…)
  • Water activities on the Lake Victoria
  • Kabaka’s Palace, the official residence of the king of Buganda, is a historic architectural gem.
  • Namugongo Martyrs Shrine, a significant Catholic site that honours Ugandan Christian martyrs who were executed in the late 19th century.

Best time to visit Kampala

Visit Kampala during June-August and December-February for pleasant weather and reduced rainfall. Ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Kampala has a consistent tropical rainforest climate with warm and humid conditions. It has two rainy seasons: March to May and October to November. The drier months are from June to August and December to February.

How to get there

The city is in southern Uganda, near the northern shores of Lake Victoria. To reach Kampala, book an international flight to Entebbe International Airport.

Facts about Kampala

  • Population of 1,680,000
  • English is the official language in Uganda, and it is widely spoken in Kampala.
  • Became the capital of independant Uganda in 1962
  • Total area of 189 km2

Kampala highlights

  • Uganda Museum is the country’s largest. It showcases traditional art, ethnography, archaeology, and wildlife.
  • Kampala is also known as the “City of Seven Hills” boasts a hilly terrain and wetlands, offering unique views and neighbourhoods.
  • Lake Victoria offers fishing and boating activities

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