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Adrenaline capital of East Africa

The town of Jinja is perfectly located near the river Nile and Lake Victoria, at a point in the river where some beautiful rapids come together and form waterfalls. This has given the town a special vibe, with the thrilling possibility to for example go kayaking, bungee jumping, zip-lining, or white-water rafting.

At the same time, Jinja is the town in Uganda where travellers come to relax after their safari, due to its tranquility, relaxing vibes, and proximity to the water. A beautiful golf course completes the picture, with holes that bear the names of different kinds of wild animals. Here you round the python and tee past the hippo.

Discover Jinja’s Local Flavors and Crafts

Exploring Jinja’s culture by visiting local markets and small restaurants is a great way to spend your day. The main market in the town center is a colorful display of fresh produce, crafts, and clothing.

And nothing better than to try the local cuisine after your shopping spree. Local restaurants and food stalls offer treats like delicious matoke (cooked plantains), samosas (a popular street food), and Ugandas pride: the rolex. This omelet and veggies rolled in a chapati is the number one breakfast on Ugandas streets.

Museums and Cultural Treasures

Jinja’s rich cultural and historical heritage can be explored in various museums and cultural centers that allow visitors to fully immerse themselves in the local customs and traditions, as well as explore the colonial-era sites.

Jinja’s Highlights

  • The Nile Bridge, also known as the New Jinja Bridge, is one of the most iconic landmarks in Jinja.
  • Just 25 kilometers downstream of Jinja, you find the amazing and adventurous Wildwaters Lodge, which is located on an island in the middle of the river Nile right in between some grade 5 rapids.
  • The River Nile is said to originate in Lake Victoria, and a boat ride over the lake to the point where it rapidly flows into the Victoria Nile is highly recommended.

Activities in Jinja

  • Pump up your adrenaline and go white-water rafting or kayaking on the Nile and meet rapids that reach up to grade 6!
  • Go on a cultural tour by bike or foot, visit the market, try the food, and let a guide take you to the local communities, see how they live and spend some time with them.
  • Test your skills on the local 18-hole golf course.
  • Go ziplining in the Mabira Forest Reserve where you soar through the jungle like a genuine Tarzan (or Jane)!


Jinja has a warm, humid tropical rainforest climate with two rainy seasons from March to May and October to November. The dry season lasts from December to February and June to September. Temperatures are between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius year-round, which makes it perfect for all your water activities.

How to get there

Jinja lies at a two-hour drive from Uganda’s capital Kampala. It’s also possible to go there by domestic flight from Entebbe International Airport.


Discover the vibrant town of Jinja – the adrenaline capital of East Africa! Located on the shores of Lake Victoria near the source of the famous river Nile, this charming town borders a series of rapids and waterfalls in the river that are perfect for white-water rafting, bungee jumping, zip-lining and kayaking.

A vibrant culture, markets, and a historical heritage complete the picture. This is a city that you don’t want to miss!

Did you know that

  • …the Jinja golf course was founded in the 1920s and for a while, it famously upheld a local rule that allowed a free drop of the ball if it came to rest in a hippo’s hoof print?
  • …Jinja used to be a key colonial-era hub for sugar, textiles, and manufacturing?
  • …from Jinja, you can do bungee jumps over the river Nile both day and night?


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