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Safari Kenya cost: not so bad after all!

It’s on the bucket list of many – going on safari in Kenya! Unfortunately, a safari has been known as an expensive trip and more of a thing to do when retired. But is that really so? What does a safari Kenya cost actually? And shouldn’t more people than just retirees be able to go on such adventurous outings?

Safari Kenya cost

We, from Africa Safari, offer private trips and safari’s in different price categories. This is to make it possible for many people to make their dream of going on a safari in Africa a reality. Because where do you really find such a huge territory of untamed nature with so many magnificent wild animals to admire? We believe that this is something you, as a newly wed couple would love to enjoy. Or maybe it’s something you would want your children to experience. Or just something you have been wanting to check off of your bucket list for years!

We offer beautiful excursions and safari’s to Kenya in three price categories: Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Gold is the most affordable, but it is most definitely not a backpackers vacation. To give you an idea, here is what the average cost would be for a 5- day safari to Kenya for two people:

Low season

Gold: 1990 euros
Platinum: 2450 euros
Diamond: 2900 euros

High season  

Gold: 2790 euros
Platinum: 3360 euros
Diamond: 4650 euros

The cost of a safari in Kenya, will consist of a few elements: transportation, hotels and the entry fees for the parks. If you wish, you could add excursions to that as well. But keep in mind that international plane tickets are never included in the booking of a safari. You always pay for your own international plane ticket and visa. And as you can see above, the prices for both the safari booking and plane ticket will depend on the time of season you choose to travel.

Cost of transportation in Kenya

cost of transportationIf you go on safari with us, the transport will be continuous. After all, you will have a private vehicle with an appointed driver. It sounds expensive, but the above mentioned prices include gas and an unlimited amount of kilometers on your safari. This means, you will not feel restricted in the kilometers you are driving, because the cost will remain the same. This complete package will be especially beneficial for you when you wish to go to places within the park that are much more remote. Or when you go to huge parks such as Masai Mara National Reserve or Samburu National Reserve. So, it doesn’t matter how long you will be driving or where you would like to go – so long you are within your itinerary, the boundaries and opening hours of the park, the price is fixed!


Transportation per day for 2 people
140 euros per person

Transportation per day for 4 people
70 euros per person

Transportation per day for 6 people
47 euros per person

Another way of cranking down the price quite a notch is when you choose to share the vehicle with other people. We ourselves do not organize group safari’s. But when you book your journey, you can always consider gathering some more people to join your safari in Kenya. Even if you had a romantic safari for just the two of you in mind, why not triple that romance by adding two more couples on the trip?
Keep in mind that there is only space for seven people in the vehicle. So if you are booking for a family that would exceed the maximum capacity for one vehicle, think of adding some more friends or family members. You fill a second vehicle and bring down the price in that way. More people get to enjoy a safari in Kenya and the price is acceptable. It’s a win-win situation!

Entry fees for national parks

cost safari kenya national parks

Those who choose to go on an adventurous vacation and who opt for a safari, will always have to pay for the fees of national parks. You can’t go around it and it’s unfortunately not cheap either. Each park will have it’s own rates for entry fees and if you decide to spend the night at the park, there will be extra costs as well. Though these prices are inevitable, it is also very reasonable seeing that this will keep the amount of visitors regulated. It also covers the maintenance of the park, the car and the tour guide.

If you therefore wish to go on safari in Kenya, but don’t want to burn your pockets on the park fees, you can then consider picking just one park that’s a bit more expensive or maybe two parks that are a bit cheaper. Either way – you can still bet on having an experience of a lifetime…! See below to have an idea of the entry fees per park:

Masai Mara National Reserve
105 euros per person + 25 euros for the car with guide

Lake Nakuru National Park
93 euros per person

Amboseli National Park
93 euros per person + 22 euros for the car with guide

Safari Kenya cost: hotels and meals

Whoever goes on safari in Kenya with us, will book their safari based on full board. This means that all meals are included in your journey and price of your safari. Keep in mind that drinks such as tea and coffee are generally included with the meals, but other beverages will be for your own expense.
Most people choose to stay in the same category of hotels for the entire trip, but if you like to spend some time in a more luxurious hotel in between, that is possible too. To give you an idea of the average prices (with full board, low season), see below:

Golden hotel
180 – 300 euros, per two person bedroom

Platinum hotel
250 – 600 euros, per two person bedroom

Diamond hotel
over 500 euros, per two person bedroom

Golden hotels are still great choices, because you still have everything you need. You’ll have a decent and well equipped room, a nice restaurant and oftentimes a pool or a beautiful scenery to enjoy. Platinum hotels will not differ that much, other than a more luxurious décor and amenities. The bar will have a greater assortment and the buffet will most likely have much more variety.

Our Diamond hotels are even more luxurious – nothing has been spared on that! These hotels are on the most beautiful locations, the restaurants often serve a la carte and the rooms are equipped with the most comfortable beds and lush décor. The bathrooms will either have an outdoor shower in the midst of Masai Mara or a bathtub with an amazing view.

pricing accomodations

As for Gold, Zebra Plains Masai Mara is a great example and in the Platinum category, you can think of Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge in Tsavo West National Park. As for our Diamond category the Elephant Bedroom Camp in Samburu National Reserve will give you a beautiful example.

What are the cost of excursions?

visit masai mara during your safari tourExcursions, aside from the safari, are a great way to get to know the land of Kenya better, to connect with the locals or to experience the nature sights in a slightly different way. For example, you can visit the traditional tribes (the Maasai or the Samburu), do a bike ride in the midst of African wildlife or go on a boat safari on a lake full of hippo’s. The cost of the excursion will depend on the type of excursion of course, but the prices will be between 40 and 100 euros per person, per excursion.

Plane tickets

The price of a safari in Kenya will obviously also depend on the actual travel to Kenya. And plane tickets are not cheap, especially during the high season. So those who would like to save on their budget should not be traveling in July, August or December. The other months are usually of the same (and a lower) price range. When favor is on your side, you might find a super cheap ticket, although you will most likely have a lay over. If you prefer a direct flight, that also automatically means that you will be paying more. In the case of travelling from Europe, you could find those cheap tickets with lay overs for as little as 500 euros. And direct flights (with KLM for example) will be between 600 and 900 in the low season and between 900 and 1400 in the high season.

The seasons

We have already mentioned it before, but the cost of a safari in Kenya is very much linked to the seasons. The high season in Kenya starts at the beginning of June and will run to mid September.
It will kick back again around mid December until mid January. This will correlate with the European vacations and holidays (December). At the same time, July, August and September are the months that the Great Migration will run through the Masai Mara and are therefore popular months to visit Kenya. And that will also drive the prices up.

However, even though the prices of plane tickets and hotel stays are much higher in the high season – the entry fees and and the cost for transport will remain the same.

high and low season costs of safari kenya vary heavily

Safari Kenya cost: conclusion

We will not deny it: Going on safari in Kenya or in any other East African country is fantastic, but not cheap. But whoever has saved up for a sunny day and has booked smartly, will be able to experience an amazing safari for a reasonable price. Pay attention to the season (high season or low season), consider how many people you wish to include in your booking and in what hotels you prefer to stay in. In the end, the Kenya safari cost might just surprise you. Have a look at our travel itineraries and the corresponding prices per category to see which safari will fit within your budget!