Visit the Akamba Handicraft Village

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Visit the Akamba Handicraft Village

Discover the Akamba Handicraft Village in Mombasa and learn more about the rich culture of the Akamba people. From beautifully carved wood sculptures to intricately woven baskets, this village is a haven for art enthusiasts. Experience the authentic craftsmanship and connect with local artisans as they showcase their skills passed down through generations. Delve into the captivating history, take part in interactive workshops, and bring home unique souvenirs that will forever you remind you of the spirit of Kenya.

Important details

  • Admission free of charge, price for transfer on request
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Friday

Additional information

The artisans are happy to share their knowledge and demonstrate their craft techniques. With your purchase, they continue to contribute to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship and the improvement of the living conditions of the Akamba people. So be sure to plan a visit when you are in Mombasa.

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