Coffee Farm Tour (10am - 12pm)

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Coffee Farm Tour (10am – 12pm)

During our Coffee Farm Tour you can discover the lush coffee plantations, learn about the intricate art of coffee cultivation, and savour the distinctive flavours of freshly brewed Kenyan coffee. An expert guide will show you how coffee grows and how it is harvested. After that you can see how the beans are dried and then roasted to the different levels. The tour ends with a taste of the luscious, fresh coffee in the beautiful gardens of the farm. There is also a waterfall nearby, and it’s possible to go for hikes or bike rides on the grounds of the farm.

Important details

  • 37 USD per person (excluding transfer costs) – prices are subject to change
  • 10am to 12pm

Additional information

Despite the vicinity of the original coffee-country Ethiopia, coffee farms were not introduced into Kenya until the end of the 19th century when missionaries started to grow it in the country side. The Fairview Estate was founded around that time, and it has a long history of coffee making.

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