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Visit a coffee farm

Coffee lovers can take the opportunity to visit a beautiful, old coffee farm near Nairobi. See how the beans grow, how they are harvested and roasted. End the tour with a the freshest cup of coffee you might ever taste…!


Important details

  • 37,- per person (excluding transfer costs) - Prices are subject to change
  • 2 -3 hours
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Additional information

Despite the vicinity of the original coffee-country Ethiopia, coffee farms were not introduced into Kenya until the end of the 19th century when missionaries started to grow it in the country side. The Fairview Estate was founded around that time, and it has a long history of coffee making.

Current day, Kenya is the 16th largest coffee bean producer in the world. For the largest part this coffee is produced by small scale farmers, but the Fairview Estate is one of the bigger ones. The process of growing and making coffee is said to be as intricate and delicate as that of winemaking. A lot of details come into play and when visiting the farm these are all explained.

Walk onto the plantation with an expert guide to see how coffee grows and how it is harvested. After that you can see how the beans are dried and then roasted to the different levels. The tour ends with a taste of the luscious, fresh coffee in the beautiful gardens of the farm. There is also a waterfall nearby, and it’s possible to go for hikes or bike rides on the grounds of the farm.



Fairview Estate