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Sandbank trip by ngalawa

Sail to a sandbank in the middle of the Indian Ocean and enjoy a day of snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing. On this trip you step on board of a traditional, wooden fishing boat called ngalawa… just like a Kenyan fisherman.

Important details

  • 46,- per person - Prices are subject to change
  • Half day (morning or afternoon)
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Additional information

Leave the jetty of Diani Beach and head for an amazing sandbank in the Indian Ocean. Here you get to admire the clear blue sea and enjoy the beautiful view of Diani Beach from this stretch of sand that only becomes an island at low tide.

During low tide the sand forms a tiny but paradisiac island, right in the open sea. Depending on what time the tide is low, you either leave in the morning or in the afternoon. Enjoy being surrounded by infinite water, soak in the sun, snorkel, swim and feel free!

During this trip you travel to the sandbank on board of a traditional wooden sailboat called ngalawa, which totally depends on the wind for its speed. Once on the sandbank you can rest and of course enjoy the shallow blue waters around the sandbank. An amazing experience, but make sure to put on lots of sunscreen!

Diani Beach