Fort Jesus in Mombasa old town with green trees

Fort Jesus & Old Town tour (departing from Mombasa)

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Fort Jesus & Old Town tour (departing from Mombasa)

If you want to learn more about the rich history and captivating culture of Mombasa, our Fort Jesus & Old Town tour is your #1 must-do. Immerse yourself in the ancient walls of Fort Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage site, as you discover its intriguing past. As you stroll through the narrow, winding streets of Old Town, uncover the secrets of Swahili architecture and experience the fusion of Arab, Persian, and European influences with all senses. These unique impressions will stay with you for a while.

Important details

  • 19 USD per person (excluding transfer costs) – prices are subject to change
  • 4 hours

Additional information

Fort Jesus is listed on Unesco’s World Heritage List and is Mombasa’s most visited site. The Portuguese built the fort in 1593 to serve as their headquarters in this corner of the Indian Ocean.

Old Town
From Fort Jesus you walk straight into the multicultural Old Town of Mombasa. Its tapered streets and ancient architecture provide a reflection of the mix of African, Arab, Portuguese, Asian and British inhabitants that resided in Mombasa. Old Town is busy, with lots of traffic, people, businesses and communities.

Spice market
Don’t miss out on Mombasa’s spice market (west part of Old Town), which is an evocative, sensory overload! Stall upon stall offer cardamom, pepper, turmeric and curry powders. Around the corner more stalls along Langoni Road sell delicious street food, which makes for a great snack or lunch. Our tip: have dinner in one of the restaurants on the waters’ edge, where you have beautiful views over the bay and the ocean.

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