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Experience Maasai life in Loita Hills

Loita Hills is a great place to get to know more about the life of the Maasai. As it is located en route to the Masai Mara, it is possible to spend the night here in a beautiful camp where a group of Maasai will introduce you to their culture.


Important details

  • 40,- per person - Prices are subject to change
  • In combination with an overnight
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Additional information

The camp is located deep in Maasai land and as such is perfect to get to know these beautiful people and their customs and habits. Several activities will help you with this, such as a nature walk with a Maasai guide. He will tell you how to read tracks or which plants have medicinal use. You can also learn to make fire, visit a local school, go to one of the traditional homes (manyatta) or just join the campfire for some traditional stories.

People with more time can also choose to go on a 3-day walking safari with the Maasai. This is a truly unique experience that will leave you feeling like you are one with nature, and maybe even part of the Maasai…

Loita Hills

Maasai country