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Train ride to Mombasa

Today your driver will pick you up to drive you to the train station, where you will board the train to Mombasa. From Nairobi the ride takes approximately 4,5 hours, which is exceptionally fast for trains in many countries in Africa.

And this train ride is unique in more ways than one. For one because it passes through several national parks: Nairobi National Park, Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Park. Thus this ride allows for some great sightings of both animals and nature along the way. Moreover, at some point it’s even possible to see Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance!

Important details

  • 53,- per person - Prices are subject to change
  • The ride takes 4,5 hours when departing from Nairobi
  • The ride takes 4 hours when departing from Amboseli
  • See amazing landscapes during the ride!
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Additional information

The recent elevated railway was built by the Chinese and opened in 2017. People were amazed by it at first, since it was never late leaving the station and always arrived in time on the other side.

Lunatic train
It was a huge contrast from the previous one-track train ride, that would leave hours late and take up to 24 hours with the train (or tracks) often breaking down along the way. It was called the Lunatic Train because of the patience one needed to have to endure it, but also because of the deplorable circumstances of the workers who built the train in the late 1900s. A famous story tells how dozens of them were killed by the famous man-eating lions of Tsavo.

The current train ride is very popular however and the transport of choice for many who travel between Kenya’s two main cities. It is now safe, pleasant and quick! Enjoy the ride!