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Spend the night at the Giraffe Manor

Always wanted to have breakfast with a giraffe?

Then don’t hesitate to spend a night in the Giraffe Manor in Nairobi. This exclusive boutique hotel offers delicious food, impeccable service AND a resident family of Rothschild giraffes. Sleep here and wake up to the unique experience of having a giraffe joining you for breakfast…!

Important details

  • Price on request
  • Day rooms and overnight stays available
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Additional information

The Giraffe Manor has twelve rooms and you actually need to book a room here to be able to visit. This means guests get a very exclusive encounter with the magnificent giraffes that are regular guests here.

In the morning they stick their massive heads through the windows of the breakfast area, looking for a treat. In the late afternoon you can find them on the grounds and sometimes they will even pay you a visit on your own balcony. The expert staff is there to feed them grass pellets and tell you the story of each individual giraffe, after which the group retreats back into the forest again.

Wether you choose to visit during the day or stay for the night, a unique experience with very limited availability awaits you at Giraffe Manor. That is why the rate for a day room alone starts from 1000 USD per person, because not only do you get to see giraffes up close and come face-to-face with them as they beg for a treat, but you also get to enjoy the beautiful mansion on its twelve acres of private land. Guests praise the impeccable service of the hotel, the beautiful rooms, the amazing pool and spa and last but not least the amazing food. Some even say they have never tasted anything better.

The grounds around the hotel are beautiful with green acres and a lush, tropical forest that not only allow giraffes to visit but also a group of warthogs and other, smaller animals. All in all the Giraffe Manor guarantees a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will not likely forget.

If you are looking for a more affordable option to admire Rothschild giraffes up close, you can opt for a visit to the nearby Giraffe Center. Just like at Giraffe Manor, you can interact with these majestic long-necked creatures and have fun feeding them treats.


Giraffe Manor